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Beautiful museum full of timeless classics

Classic Park museum

Classic Park museum

Classic Park museum

500+ individual parking spaces

Classic Park Museum

Classic Park features a beautiful automobile museum. Here, you can enjoy over 140 classic and exclusive automobiles. Guests simply love wandering through the museum during breaks. It’s a great place for 'corridor' conversations.

The museum lends itself well to build future thoughts from a historical perspective. What could be better to make the step from a mercury thermometer to the ability to control the home thermostat via an app. At Classic Park you can let people experience.

Your event can even take place surrounded by the automobiles on display. A truly unique experience! The museum will delight all your guests. There is also art to be admired besides the beautifully designed cars.

A conference or dinner on the red carpet that runs through the museum? Market stalls alongside the red carpet? All is possible! We gladly advise you to make sure you get our best possible offer.

3500 m²
8 Meters

10 - 1000 guests
20 - 2000 guests
20 - 2500 guests


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