Two Tone

The most sought after event space is Two Tone. Its name derives from the automobiles painted in two colors, just like the space it self!

Two Tone is painted black over white. This neutral color scheme is an ideal background for your own decoration, what ever colors you choose. The ceiling is black, perfect for beautiful light effects to surprise your guests. The walls are white, very suitable for projector presentations. They also make the big room feel much more spacious!

Two Tone also refers to audio tones, important if you want to be heard by your guests. We paid a lot of attention to the technique in Two Tone. It is fitted with an acoustic ceiling and sound-proof walls and roofs, so that large sound volumes reach your guests cristal-clear.

• floor area: 600m2
• Height: 8 meters
• Beamer, projecting an image seven meters wide
• Theatre setup with stage: 650 guests
• Sitting dinner: 400 guests
• Party: 1000 guests
• Connectable with 'Drive Through', Terrace, Classic Park Museum and Foyer.
• Air Conditioned
• Free wifi

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