Visitor information

The automobile museum is open to the public six days a week, with the exception of first and second Christmas Day, King's Day, 31 December, New Year's Day and Tuesdays. Classic Park unites the automobile museum, car sales, business and public events, restaurant at a unique location.

We are located at the Koppenhoefstraat 14, 5283 VK Boxtel (Netherlands).

Opening hours

Outside our regular opening hours we are exclusively open for groups of 50 - 5000 people (book in advance). 

ATTENTION! Purchase / Consigment and Sales preferably by appointment so we can be of service to you.

Admission fees on event days:

Admission fees can vary on event days and are depending on the event. The current admission fees can be found in our agenda. A ticket for an event day also provides access to the Classic Park Museum on the event day itself.

Disabled persons:

Disabled persons can park in the area in front of the main entrance. The museum is easily accesible, with the exception of the mezzanine. Service dogs are allowed. 

Visitor regulations:

Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.

Food and drink
It is not allowed to bring food and drink to Classic Park. Refreshments are available at our restaurant and may not be brought into the exhibition areas.

It is not allowed to bring (domestic) animals into the building, with the exception of service dogs for disabled persons. Classic Park does not offer supervised care for (domestic) animals. 

You can park at your own risk in the designated areas. Parking elsewhere on the Classic Park grounds is not allowed.

Photography and filming
It is allowed to film and take photographs in all exhibition areas, only for your own private and non-commercial purposes. Use of flash and tripods is permitted.

Mobile phone
Classic Park kindly askes you turn off your mobile phone before entering the exhibition areas.

- Remain calm and follow the instructions of our staff.
- In the event of an evacuation alarm you must leave the building via the designated escape routes. 

- It is prohibited to touch the exhibited objects.
- Directions of our staff should always be followed.
- Parents and carers of children are at all times responsible and accountable for the behaviour of the children they accompany. Running, playing and screaming is not allowed.
- Teachers and supervisors of groups are at all times responsible and accountable for the behaviour of the group they accompany.
- Buggies and strollers with children are allowed.
- The Classic Park Museum is largely wheelchair accessible. However, a small section of the museum is elevated and not accessible for disabled visitors.
- You should be aware that we use closed circuit television throughout the museum for security and public safety reasons.